Speedunnodu movie review

Speedunnodu movie review

Speedunnodu movie review

Mirchi Hub Rating : 2.25/5

Cast  :  Bellamkonda Sreenivas,Sonarika Bhadoria          

Director :  Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao                               

Music Director :  Sri Vasanth

Producer :  Bheemaneni Suneetha  

Movie Release Date : February 5th,  2016         

Production Company :  Good Will Cinema

CBFC Rating : U/A     

What’s Good :-

​​​Major attraction of the film is the lead cast performances especially Bellamkonda Sreenivas, ​Rao Ramesh. Especially comedy scenes between Prudhvi and  Prakash Raj ​are very good​.​ Frankly,​Srinivas did a fabulous job​.​ H​e improved a lot in every aspect. Be it ​acting skills, comic timing, fights and especially his dancing caliber and energy​ he completely nailed it.  ​This dude is a ​sureshot commercial hero piece​. S​onarika charms away ​the audience ​with two things​. They are​ grace and glamour.​​Comedian Prudhvi is ​carries the entire ​first half on his shoulders.​ ​The rest of the cast​Prakash Raj, Rao Ramesh, Jhansiand others did a decent job.​

What’s Bad :-

Ironically, the film’s title Speedunnodu is an exact opposite to its pace. Although, the film was entertaining in bits, its slow screenplay, five songs in the first half, forced comedy and moreover an additional dose of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s references makes it a boring watch.  The film gets predictable after the first half and climax is too lengthy.

Movie Review- Story :-

Shoban(Bellamkonda Srinivas) is a rich and happy-go lucky guy, who always helps his friends and friendship. One day Shobhan helps his friend for his love and at that time he met his ex-ladylove Vasanthi (Sonarika) and the love blossoms between them all over again.  He is a son of a village head Prakash Raj and Sonarika is the daughter of rival village head Rao Ramesh.

The twist in the tale arises, when Shoban friends turns into his enemies and made him to involve in a murder mystery. How Shoban comes out of the blame? What happens to his love story?.. That forms the rest of the story.

Movie Review :-  Analysis :-

Bhimneni Srinivas is a person, who knows how to deilever mass-masala entertainers.  A common moviegoer generally expects magic more than logic from his films. speedunnodu is a pakka commercial film loaded with dances, fights, songs, glamour, grams of sentiment and kilograms of comedy.  He extracted maximum out of the hero and showcased his all-round performance in the film. Though he contained Sonarika to just a glam show, he got the act right with entertaining performances from his lead cast. This film’s music by Sai Vasanth is just Okay his back ground score elevates the film to the next level. Editing is below par and so is the art work. Cinematography is good.

Movie Review – My Last Word :-

With all the essential commercial ingredients blended close to the equal amount of proportions, Speedunnodu is a ‘no pains-no gains’ pakka mass masala entertainer. You can watch the film for Tammanah’s item number, Srinivas’ action.

Punch Line: One time watch.